Head-driven Mini Belt Conveyor for Sale


Miniature conveyor belt is a kind of belt conveyor. As the mini conveyor system manufacturer, we can design and customize many cheap mini conveyor belt. Because it is simple and portable, small conveyor system is suitable for wide applications. Of course, we usually apply it for the transportation of some small goods. In addition, miniature conveyor can not only transport bulk materials, but also transport finished items. Small belt conveyor is a machine that uses friction to drive and then transports materials in a continuous operation. Micro conveyor composes of main components, such as frame, conveyor belt, roller, tensioning device, motor, support plate, etc.

Compared with roller conveyors, miniature belt conveyors do not have so many restrictions on the dimensions and flatness of the goods. Because of its stable operation and no gap between roller conveyors, it has a natural advantage in the transportation of small objects. Therefore, it is very common in the transportation of some small packages and small items. Moreover, mini conveyor system can meet the needs of many automation equipments for space optimization.


Specification of Miniature Conveyor Belt

Conveyor type: head-driven cheap mini conveyor belt;
Conveyor belt material: PVC, PU, rubber, canvas, PE, toptable slat chain, modular belt;
Belt application: general purpose, food grade, cleated belt, oil-resistant belt, heat-resistant belt, anti-static belt, inclined non-slip belt, ribbed anti-deviation belt;
Frame material: aluminum profile, aluminum plate, painted steel and stainless steel;
Conveyor direction: conveying towards the motor (in addition, if need two-way transportation, we can also customize it);
Motor: default geared motor + speed controller (of course, other types of motors are also available);
Belt width: 50mm, 60mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm, 350mm, 400mm, etc;
Other accessories available: side bars, stands, sensors, blocking blocks, etc.;


Features of Mini Conveyor System

Firstly the head-drive type is the most basic model among all the miniature conveyor belts. Besides, its load-bearing capacity is relatively bigger. So its conveying capacity is strong.

Secondly, the structure is simple and easy to maintain. Moreover, it can easily realize programmed control and automatic operation.

Thirdly, small belt conveyor is suitable for most goods, such as powder, granular items, bulk goods, etc. It runs smoothly and has low noise. And can be transmitted up and down.

Due to the reasonable design, our miniature belt conveyors are cheap. At the same time, the delivery time is short. Moreover, we can also customize other requirements. Therefore, we can give customers the greatest support.

Modular design features. So miniature conveyor belt can be easily disassembled and assembled. The replacement of the belt is also very simple and convenient.

Wide range of applications. Mini conveyor system can not only be used alone, but also can be used for many other automation equipments.


How to choose the miniature conveyor?

1. Firstly, it needs to know the application. What product to convey. Does the miniature conveyor belt need to be in direct contact with the product? If for food, it must use the PU or PE belts. If for inclined transportation, it is best to use the cleated conveyor belt.

2. Secondly, you need to inform the size of the mini conveyor system, such as conveyor length and belt width. If you need a stand, you also need to inform the height. We can also customize the height-adjustable conveyor. In addition, if the small conveyor is used in your equipment, then the conveyor requires space optimization. Therefore, at this time, it is necessary to clarify the overall dimensions.

3. Thirdly, choose the frame material. If the conveyor is appliable for food application, it’s best to use the stainless steel material. If you have requirements for the overall width, you can choose aluminum plate material. The aluminum plate is usually 10mm thickness. For other miniature conveyors, it can choose aluminum profile or painted steel.

4. Regarding speed and conveying direction. The speed of most micro conveyors are adjustable. If don’t need speed control function, the price will be a bit cheaper. In addition, if you have requirements for transporation direction, please inform to us. We can customize the miniature conveyor belt with two-way directions.

5. If you need the plug-and-inplug function, we can add the aviation plug onto the mini belt conveyor. Besides, we can also add the sensors. The sensor has various functions, such as counting function, controlling the start and stop of the conveyor, etc. So it can better meet automation needs.


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