Small Conveyor Belts with Internal Drive Built-in Motor


Small conveyors for sale! This is small conveyor belts with internal drive. Its motor is built-in. Because the overall structure of this mini conveyor is compact, suitable for use in some special occasions. For example, in a vending machine, multiple mini conveyors with built-in motor can act as commodities transportation pallets in array. Custom cheap mini conveyor belt for sale. The motor can be a 24V direct DC motor or a small-size geared motor. In addition, the transmission mechanism (timing belt or chain) can also be internal. So miniature conveyor with integrated drive is suitable for automation equipments with minimal assembly space. These occasions strictly require space optimization.

Since put the drive motor inside, it greatly reduce the overall height and width of the micro conveyor. In addition, due to space constraints, the motor power used is often relatively small. Thus this kind of small conveyor often has a small load capacity. And the conveying speed is about 10 m/min. Moreover, this mini belt conveyor usually also requires the plug-and-unplug system. So it will be convenient for change.


Specification of Small Conveyors for Sale

Product name: mini conveyor with built-in motor;
Motor type: DC motor or geared motor;
Load capacity: usually load several kilograms;
Frame material: aluminum plate (10mm thickness), stainless steel plate, aluminum profile, etc.;
Belt material: PVC, PU (green, blue, white and black);
Belt width: above 50mm (customizable);
Conveyor application: food, electronics, injection molding, precision parts and other small items, etc.;


Features of Mini Conveyor Belt for Sale

  1. 1. Firstly, the small belt conveyor has integrated drive. Therefore, the whole machine is small in size and light in weight. So it is especially suitable for automation equipment with strict space requirements.
  2. 2. Secondly, cheap price small conveyors for sale. Because of the compact design of the conveyor, the price is relatively cheap. At the same time, it usually use the 24V DC motors. And the price of direct motors will be cheaper.

3. Thirdly, we can meet a variety of personalized customization needs. For example, it can add sensors to the small belt conveyor. So it can sense the drop of the product. Others can count the number of products. We can also add optical cameras. They can provide scanning function.

  1. 4. A variety of belt materials and frame materials are available. At the same time, the length and width can be customized. When the conveyor height meets the requirements, the belt width can be small. So if you want to customize it, please contact us. We have cheap price mini conveyor belt for sale.


How to customize the small belt conveyor withe internal drive?

1. Firstly, it needs to know the purpose of the built-in motor mini belt conveyor. Thus, we can determine which materials are most suitable. For example, if it is used for food, it is best to use PU belt and stainless steel frame material. If there is grease, you need to choose an oil-resistant belt. In addition, if you want to convey products at certain intervals, it can choose the cleated conveyor belt.

2. Secondly, please advise the size of the small belt conveyor.So we can give you the best price. Moreover, such built-in motor belt conveyors often require strict overall height and width. Very importantly, there are often discrepancies between the designed size and the actual size. For example, in the case of a certain height, the customer designs a mini belt conveyor with a certain width. However, the width requirement is actually not met.Therefore, we will carefully communicate with customers to clearly understand the conveyor details.

3. Finally, please clarify the weight of the conveyed product. So it can help us to confirm the motor power. Pay attention that this small conveyor belt with integrated drive cannot load heavy goods. Cheap price small conveyors for sale!


How to use and maintain the small conveyors for sale with built-in motor?

1. The mini conveyor needs frequent maintenance. For example, sometimes the belt deviation phenomenon occurs. At the same time, it needs to exchange the small conveyor belt. So how to do it? Both adjusting the belt deviation and replacing the belt require adjustment of the tension screw. For this small conveyor with internal drive motor, its tension screw is on the end roller seat. If the belt is biased to the right, adjust the tension screw on the right. Vice versa. When need to replace the mini conveyor, just loosen the belt.

When maintaining the conveyor and replacing the belt, be sure to turn off the power firstly. So as to avoid danger.

  1. 2. Before using the micro conveyor, confirm whether there is any dirt on the small conveyor belt. At the same time, run at no load firstly. Check whether the belt runs smoothly. After checking that there is no problem, it is officially put into use. During use, the goods should not be overweight to avoid burning the motor. In addition, do not touch the mini conveyor with wet hands to avoid electric shock.

If you need the small conveyor belts with internal drive, please contact us. We have cheap price small conveyors for sale!


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