High Temperature Metal Continuous Conveyor Tunnel furnace



 Conveyor furnace is a tunnel type continuous furnace heat treatment equipment. Mesh belt furnace has many advantages, for example complete functions, reasonable structure, convenient operation, good drying effect, etc.

Introduction & Application of Conveyor Furnace

Tunnel oven is a kind of continuous continuous furnace heat treatment. It also has other names, such as tunnel furnace, industrial conveyor oven, drying conveyor oven, high temperature drying line, etc. The mesh belt furnace has several heating methods, such as: radiation, hot air circulation and radiation + hot air circulation, etc. Firstly, manually place the workpiece on the conveyor mesh belt. Then, after drying, the material is discharged. Because it has many advantages, it is of great significance for mass drying. The mesh belt furnace adopts a sealed structure, and the appearance is beautiful. In addition, the dying oven equipment is easy to disassemble and maintain.

The main application of mesh belt furnace for water vapor, curing and drying of hardware accessories and metal parts. Industrial tunnel oven has also application for the food industry. The temperature that the continuous mesh belt furnace can adapt to high temperature up to about 200℃~300℃. At the same time, it also can use the continuous furnace to dry the materials with certain humidity or particle size such as iron ore, titanium ore, quartz sand and other minerals.

tunnel conveyor furnace

Structure & Parameters of Continuous Furnace Heat Treatment

Industrial conveyor oven consists of the following parts, such as oven body chamber, circulation system, heating system, conveying chain and transmission system, hot air drying system, electrical control system, safety protection system, etc.
1. Loading / unloading area:
Firstly, set a mesh belt exposed outside the conveyor furnace at the feed inlet. So this constitutes the entrance area. Then convey material into the drying working area and is dried by hot air circulation. In the end, an industrial fan cools the workpiece. And a mesh belt is set at the discharge port. So this constitutes the unloading zone. The mesh belt is 0.75m above the ground, in order that is convenient for workers to operate.
2. Drying area:
The industrial conveyor oven is equipped with a drying area. There are several heating methods, such as radiation, hot air circulation and radiation + hot air circulation. In addition, with heat preservation, exhaust air, temperature control system, it can make the conveyor furnace constant temperature adjustable.
When the workpiece enters the drying area, it travels at a speed of 0.5~3m/min (speed adjustable). Then dry the workpiece at the set temperature. Moreover, it sets up air transport and exhaust system on the tunnel furnace. Thus the workpiece can be heated evenly in the system. At the same time, the exhaust gas and water mist are extracted to avoid polluting the workshop environment.
3. Mesh belt conveyor system:
The conveying system is a mesh belt conveyor. Conveyor belt can be metal wire mesh belt, slat chain belt, teflon belt and so on. Stable operation, adjustable speed 0.5~3m/min.
conveyor furnace drawing

The following is an example of 2.8 Meters tunnel furnace parameters for reference:

1 Model    KP-T-20
2 Equipment Size
Work Area Size (mm) Entrance 400mm+ Export 400mm+Heating Zone 2000mm
Equipment Dimensions (mm) 2800*700*1150

The main technical parameters

1.Temperature range:room temperature~350℃;
2.Temperature fluctuation:±2.0℃
3.Temperature uniformity:≤±1.0℃(Measured after the working area is empty and the heating is stable)
4. Heating element: stainless steel heating tube 24KW 380V
5.Thermocouple model:k type White light
6.Max temperature:350 ℃
7.Rated temperature:300 ℃
8.Surrounding surface temperature:temperature rise≤ 30℃
9.Heating elements are placed on both sides of the furnace. In addition, heating by gas convection and heat conduction.

The heating tube is inserted vertically from the top of the tunnel furnace. When replacing, the screw can be directly unscrewed from the top of the tunnel furnace to take out for replacement.

10.Heating rate:≤10℃/min(Maximum temperature rise of empty furnace: 10℃/min)
11.Recommended heating rate:6℃/min

Internal and external structure material

1. Furnace material:Aluminum silicate fiber cotton,thickness 100mm
2. The furnace body adopts a double-layer furnace shell structure,namely inner insulation cotton, outer cold plate isolation layer
3. Outer layer 1.5mm thick Q235 steel plate
4. The inner box is 1.2mm thick SUS304 stainless steel plate
5. Install a fan is between the double-layer furnace shell, and the surface temperature of the furnace body is low
6.The frame stainless steel square tube is folded by 2.0mm thick cold plate

Transmission part

1. Transmission: Using stainless steel “herringbone” shape mesh belt transmission. Moreover, the transmission rate can be 0.1-1m per minute
2.Motor: SIEMENS motor
3.Positioning: Adopt multi-point cylinder blocker
5.Cylinder: AirTAC

Centralized control system

1. Touch screen:   Schneider

2. PLC controller:  Schneider

3. Temperature control module: Schneider

4. Contactor: Schneider

5. Electric relay: Schneider

6. Air switch: Schneider

7. Other electrical appliances: Schneider

The temperature control method is P.I.D+S.S.R solid state relay (FOTEK)
Control type:Multi-segment program temperature control, phase shift trigger, SCR control
Other electrical appliances: Schneider

Insulation and heating method

1.High temperature resistant fiber and air insulation
2.Alumina polycrystalline fiber board insulation
3.The heating method is thermal radiation and natural convection

Safety protection system

1.Circuit breaker
2. Overcurrent protection device
3.Over-temperature protection device
4.Emergency button
5.Optical fiber sensor protection, installation method: hole, high temperature glue sealing
6.Sound and light alarm
9 Power supply: recommended three-phase 380V power 24KW.
10 Warranty period: one year

tunnel conveyor furnace application


Working Priciple of Mesh Belt Furnace

For example, the temperature control of the conveyor furnace supplied to one customer adopts “thermostat + SSR solid state relay + thermocouple control“.

1. when you start the machine, if the temperature is lower than the set temperature, the SSR solid state relay is closed. And then the heating element starts heating.

2. If the temperature is higher than the set temperature, the SSR solid state relay is open. And then the heating element stop heating.

working principle of tunnel conveyor furnace

Features of Industrial Conveyor Furnace Oven

1. It can control the continuous furnace heat treatment drying line in sections. Heating elements include electric heating tube, electric heating plate or far infrared heating plate. Therefore, this can increase applicability and achieve temperature uniformity. Stable and clean heating process. At the same time, the temperature control is easy. Moreover the temperature rises quickly, and it is safer. Because adopt constant temperature control system, it ensure uniform temperature and stable product quality.
Due to use the high-tech insulation materials, so tunnel furnace has strong thermal insulation performance. At the same time, the heating elements are reasonably arranged and the energy consumption is low. So the internal hot air circulation makes the upper and lower temperatures in the furnace more uniform.
Due to the use of micro-PID microcomputer temperature controller, our conveyor furnace has the function of temperature self-tuning. At the same time, the adjustment range is wide and the temperature control accuracy is high.
2. The conveyor furnace drying line is relatively short. Because the heating and drying efficiency is high, it only takes tens of minutes to complete. Therefore, it saves the production space. Because it also shorten the production process, it saves labor costs. In addition, the shortening of heating time means energy saving.
3. Because the circulating fan is a special high-temperature resistant fan, it has the advantages of long life, low energy consumption and low noise. At the same time, there are multiple safety protection systems, such as circuit breakers, over-current protection devices, over-temperature protection devices, etc. Thus the continuous conveyor furnace can operate safely and has a long service life.

Usage and Precautions of  High Tempeature Tunnel Furnace

1. Turn on:

Turn on the main power of the conveyor mesh belt furnace → turn on the power switch → turn on the air flow → set the temperature → bake the workpieces.

Firstly, turn on the main power switch of the distribution box and the fan. At this time, the power indicator light is on. Check the ventilation of the exhaust fan. If it operates normally, it shows that the continuous furnace can be used. After all preparations are ready, it can put the products into the furnace. Then connect and turn on the power. When the red indicator light is on, it means that the conveyor furnace has been heated. When the temperature reaches the controlled temperature, the red light is off and the green light is on. At this time, it indicates that the constant temperature has begun. In order to prevent the temperature control from failing, it must look after it.

When placing the products, please note that the arrangement cannot be too dense. Don’t place any product on the heat sink, so as not to affect the upward flow of hot air. It is forbidden to bake flammable, explosive, volatile and corrosive items.

Pay attention to the safe use of electricity. According to the power consumption of the tunnel furnace, install a switch with sufficient capacity. At the same time, select enough power supply wires, and there should be a good grounding wire.

In order to avoid vibration and corrosion, it needs place the tunnel mesh belt furnace indoor. And there should be dry. When in use, the temperature should not exceed the maximum operating temperature of the continuous furnace heat treatment.


2. Shut down:

After baking is complete, immediately press the emergency stop switch. Then turn off the power distribution box and the main power of the fan. During the use of the tunnel conveyor furnace, if there is any abnormality, press the emergency stop switch. And cut off the power of the distribution box to stop working.

Maintenance of Tunnel Drying Oven Conveyor Furnace

1. Be familiar with the location and function of the equipment components before the test machine. So it can operate the tunnel mesh belt furnace safely.

2. It needs turn off the main power supply during maintenance. So as to avoid danger.

3. Do not place any objects on the top of the tunnel continuous furnace cover, so as not to affect the mechanical performance.

4. Turn off the heating switch after using the tunnel conveyor furnace. Let the machine continue to cool naturally in order to extend the service life of the heating element. After the temperature drops to about 100°C, turn off the power again.

5. It needs clean the inside of industrial conveyor oven at least once a week. Thus it can work well. And this will maintain good drying quality.

6. In addition, it must clean the electrical switchboard once a month. And check whether the fixing screws are loose.

Other maintenaces of conveyor furnace are as follows:

7. Check whether the grounding wire and temperature sensing wire are off.

8. Confirm whether the connection between the exhaust port of the control box and the outdoor is firm, so as to prevent the dust in the control box from polluting the clean room. It will affect the normal temperature in the control box and cause premature damage to electrical parts.

9. When transporting and installing, please be careful not to collide, so as not to affect the appearance and function of the conveyor furnace.

10. When repairing, please cut off the power supply. Moreover only professionals can operate it. Do not open the control box at will in order to avoid the danger of electric shock.

11. It is strictly forbidden to get rain or direct sunlight. At the same time, it must clean the ventilation holes to allow air circulation.

12. Regularly check the exhaust pipes of the continuous furnace. Further, exhaust the exhaust gas to the outdoors.

13. The inside and outside of the tunnel mesh belt furnace should be clean. If it is shut down for a long time, please cut off the power. At the same time, it needs pack the conveyor furnace well.


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