Heavy Duty Pallet Drum Turntable Roller Conveyor



Turntable conveyor has wide application for rotating products at 90 degree. For example, in the pallet conveyor line, turntable roller conveyor acts as a device for turning pallets in and out of the warehouse. After loading the goods, turn forward and backward 90°. Further, it can control the time and angle of steering. After turning, the motor drives the roller to rotate to transport the pallet out. There are manual and power turntable conveyor. Pallet turntable conveyor is its main appliction.

The rotary roller conveyor is suitable for the transportation of various kinds of boxes, bags, pallets, drums and other goods. In addition, bulk materials, small items or irregular items need to be transported on pallets or in a turnover box. It is suitable for conveying items with a flat bottom. Its structure mainly includes the following parts, such as rollers, frame, brackets, motors, gears, etc.


The working principle of rotary roller conveyor

There are mainly two kinds of rotating roller conveyor. One is suitable for light-duty, and another is for heavy duty transfer. The former is mainly driven by cylinders. But driving force of the latter is motor + gear set. Here we mainly introduce the latter one.

working principle of turntable roller conveyor

Firstly, the drive motor 1 receives electric energy and starts to work. Then the motor 1 drives the output shaft to rotate. At the same time, the output shaft drives the gear 1 to rotate. Finally, gear 1 starts to drive gear 2 to rotate. And the gear 2 drives the roller conveyor above to rotate. It can set the rotation angle as requirements. In pallet turntable conveyor, the rotation angle is usually 90 degree.

When the roller conveyor rotates to a specified angle, the motor 2 drives the roller to rotate. Of course, here it can also use the CDLR rollers. Finally, the turntable roller conveyor transports the materials to another roller conveyor.


The Specification of Turntable Roller Conveyor

drawing of turntable roller conveyor

Roller Diameter φ89mm
Roller Material galvanized steel
Loading 1000~2000kg
Conveyor Machine Diameter φ1848mm
Conveyor Height 500mm, or as customization requirement
Inner Trasfer Width (B=pallet width +20mm) 820mm, 1020mm, 1120mm,etc
Roller Center Spacing 100~150mm(as pallet size & weight)
Frame material painted carbon steel
Voltage 220V~380V 3phase 50HZ
Motor 2pcs CPG brand (made in Taiwan)
Motor Power 0.75~1.5KW 50/60HZ
Conveyor Speed 5/8/15m/min

The Characteristics Of Rotating Roller Conveyor

Roller conveyors have many advantages, such as simple structure, high reliability, and convenient to use and mainten. However, the traditional roller conveyor can only complete the transmission between straight lines. When the conveying channels are not on the same straight line, it needs two roller conveyors adjust the transportation route. Moreover, when transferring goods, it still need manual handling. Therefore, the work efficiency is low. In addition, it will increase the pressure on the staff.

However, the rotating turntable conveyor realizes the rapid adjustment of the transportation direction of the goods. So it solves many problems of traditional roller conveyor.

1. First of all, it can transport heavy duty materials. Further, pallet turntable conveyor can bear greater impact load.

2. Secondly, it makes it easy to connect between several roller conveyors. Thus, it can build a complex logistics transportation system. At the same time, due to the compact design structure, it reduces floor space and provides space utilization.

3. It has the characteristics of large conveying capacity, fast speed, and brisk operation. So it can realize multi-variety co-line shunt conveying.

4. We can design the rotation angles as required, such as 180°, 90°, 45°, etc. So it can meet different requirements.

5. Electroplating treatment on the surface of the rollers has a long service life and a beautiful appearance. At the same time, all conveyor rollers use mechanical bearings. Therefore the load capacity is strong.

6. The support of the rotating table adopts multi-point support. It can evenly distribute the weight of the product on the rotating table to the bracket. So it has the characteristic of large bearing capacity.

7. In addition, the rotating conveyor can be equipped with casters to facilitate moving and handling.

8. Personalized customization: it can customize the rotary roller conveyors with different load-bearing. Moreover, it can not only use the motor to drive the roller, but also can use CDLR rollers.

9. Modular design, easy to install and disassemble. So it’s convenient to repair the turntable roller conveyor.


Application of Turntable Conveyor On Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine

turntable conveyor application on pallet wapping machine

Firstly, set the rotary turntable conveyor is to rotate 360 degrees. Because there are rollers on the turntable, it can be docked with front and rear conveyor lines (such as palletizing systems). Therefore, there is no need to use forklift assistance. Then it form an automatic integrated operation, and improves packaging efficiency.

When wapping, the working process is roughly as follows:

1: First of all, adjust the rollers of the turntable (1) to the corresponding direction. And connect it to the conveyor line (not shown in the figure). And then the pallet (B) moves to the middle position of the turntable (1) along the conveyor line.

2: Secondly, adjust the plane position of the pressure assembly 8 (X-Y axis system). And then position the four rubber pressure plates through the expansion and rotation of the bracket body.

3: Immediately afterwards, press down the cantilever 7. Therefore it drives the four rubber pressure plates to perform the pressing operation.

4: Turntable roller conveyor (1) begins rotating operation. At the same time, the film frame (6) performs winding operation.

5: After finish wapping, adjust the turntable conveyor (1) to the corresponding direction to connect with the subsequent conveyor. Finally output the cement bag (A) that has been packaged and wound.


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