UV Sterilizer Salon Use Ultraviolet & Ozone Disinfection

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99% sterilization rate;
360° thorough disinfection;
Ultraviolet light & ozone disinfection;
Safe & easy to use the sterilizer cabinet;
Wide application for beauty tools, towel, underwear,etc

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The uv sterilizer salon use is an ultraviolet cabinet by means of ultraviolet light radiation and ozone disinfection. Because the uv lights can produce ozone, then it has double sterilization functions. The ultraviolet light and ozone can destroy the DNA structure of microorganism. So ultraviolet cabinet steriliser can kill bacteria and viruses. The are widely used for these occasions, such as family, beauty salon, hotel, spa, sauna salon, nail salon, hair salon or hairdressing,etc. This UV steriliser cabinet can also sterilize your face masks, disposable masks, N95 masks, KN95 masks,etc. So you can reuse the mask.

Kind note!!!    Because this sterilizer cabinet is high cube cargo, its “package volume weight” is larger than “actual weight”. So the freight depends on the “package volume weight”. And its package size is 35cm*43cm*30cm, so the “package volume weight” is 35*43*30/5000=9.03KG. So express companies charge it according to 9.5KG. Moreover, because of COVID-19, all express companies increase the charge a bit, then the freight is a bit higher than normally. So when you order the ultraviolet steriliser cabinet, please note it.

About delivery time and shipping:

it is in stock, so we can send the UV sterilizer cabinet soon. We usually send it by Fedex. If ship to Europe and North America, the transportation time is 6~8 days (not including Sunday). Ship to Asia, the shipping time is 3~5 days after shipping. If ship to other countries, please contact us.

How does a ultraviolet uv cabinet sterilizer work?


Ultraviolet disinfection is a physical method. It uses the UVC wavelength ultraviolet radiation to destroy microbial structure. So ultraviolet light can destroy the molecular structure of microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, spores, etc.). Then it causes the death of microorganisms and achieves the effect of sterilization. Moreover, the uv lamp can produce ozone. And ozone has broad-spectrum sterilization ability. It also can kill bacteria & viruses. UV beauty tool steriliser does not require any chemical additives. Thus, It is an efficient and clean germicidal method.


The Specification of UV Sterilizer Salon Use:

Model: YM-9002 Principle: ultraviolet light & ozone disinfection
Power: 6W Sterilization Time: 30 min, 60 min, 90 min
Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz Machine Size: 35*22*25cm
Net Weight: 5KG Inner Space Size: 26*20*17cm
Space Capacity: 8~12L Package Size: 35*43*30cm
Voltage: AC/11-120-220-240v Plug: EU Plug, US Plug available
Material: stainless steel & ABS plastic casing,tempered glass door, corrosion-resistant stainless steel shelf
Application: it can be used for most objects, such as beauty tools, nail tools, towel, tableware, hair salon tools, jewelry, underwear, glasses, dental tools,etc

The Features of Ultraviolet Beauty Tool Steriliser:

  1. 1. Strong disinfection ability: UVC highly efficient sterilization + ozone penetration sterilization. 99% sterilization rate. 360° thorough disinfection! This UV ultraviolet sterilization machine can also sterilize your face masks, disposable masks, N95 masks, KN95 masks,etc. So you can reuse the mask.
  2. 2. Safe Use: it dose not need any other auxiliary agent,so it is safe. In addition, when opening the door, the light turns off. Therefore,it protects the operator from the damage of ultraviolet light.
  3. 3. Easy to use: Microcomputer control. LED time shower. 30 minutes,60 minutes,90 minutes of different period work mode. Safety set save electricity and convenient operation.
  4. 4. Beautiful design: the tabletop cabinet is compactly beautiful. Only 5KG net weight, so easy to move.
  5. 5. Quality material: stainless steel & ABS material, so it is durable. And ultraviolet light has long service life.


How To Use Beauty Tool Steriliser Ultraviolet Cabinet?

1. Firstly, put the sterilizer cabinet onto a stable surface;
2. Secondly, put the tools or other objects into the shelf in order, then close the door;
3. Meanwhile, make sure the voltage is the same with the machine, and connect to the electricity;
4. Further, press the power switch,the indicator and the LED screen turn light. After that, the machine will send out “bee!” voice.
5. In addition, press the start button and the LED screen shows the time of 30 minutes; If press the start button again, the LED screen will show the time of 60 minutes; If press the start button thirdly,the LED screen will show the time of 90 minutes.
6. If you need the beauty tool steriliser work again, just press the start button, and then repeat the steps.

Maintenance methods:

1. Use neutral cleaner to clean the sterilizer cabinet. Don’t use acid,alkali and corrosive or toxic cleaner.
2. Cut off power supply when the ultraviolet disinfection cabinet finish using. Unplugged the power cord if don’t use it for long time.
3. Put the UV sterilizer salon use in dry place.
4. Please find professional personnel to fix it when there is fault.


The FAQ of UV Tool Sterilizer Cabinet:

Q1. How many hours is the bulb life?
A: the lifetime of the UV sterilizer bulb is more than 8000 hours.

Q2. What is the bulb power of the beauty tool steriliser?
A: the bulb power is 6W;

Q3. How many microorganisms it kills (in %)?
A: the sterilization rate of our UV lamp cabinet is more than 99%.

Q4. What is the unit size, and can it work on batteries? Also, how heavy is it?
A: the unit package size:35*22*25cm. It doesn’t work on battery, and unit net weight is about 5KG.

Q5. How big is the unit container?
A: the inner size: 26*17*20cm.

Q6. Is a spare bulb included in the set?
A: there is only one UV bulb in the cabinet.

Q7. Will the UV light turn off if the door is opened?
A: Yes. the UV light will turn off when open the door.

Q8. Does it have a timer to turn off the unit?
A: Yes,there is a timer.

Q9. How long is the warranty?
A: the warranty of our UV tool sterilizer cabinet is one year.

Q10. Should the unit be returned to china for the warranty to be valid?
A: No,it doesn’t need to return.

Q11. Will you take full responsibility if any accidents happen due to faulty units?
A: if product faulty during warranty, we take full responsibility.

Q12. Should our customers pay for the delivery of a broken part?
A: No, we will send new part directly.

Q13. Will the unit turn on if the door is open and the button to turn on is pressed?
A: it won’t turn on.

Q14. Does it come with a spare fuse in each set?
A: No, there is only one spare fuse in the cabinet.

Q15. Can it be used as a towel dryer, and other clothing dryer? Also, does it have a water container?
A: the unit has no dry function and has no water container.

Q16. What are the unit main materials?
A: the stainless steel & ABS casing and high strength tempered glass door.

Q17. Is it CE approved?
A: Yes, the sterilizer cabinet is CE approved.

Q18. What are the unit accessories?
A: 2pcs racks , 1pc UV bulb, 1pc manual.

Q19. Is there a window on the lid to check if the light is on?
A: Sure. The UV tool sterilizer has glass door to check if the light is on.

Q20. Are there any racks in each set?
A: Yes. There are 2 racks.

Q21. Is it showing the time remaining for the disinfection?
A: Yes, the timer will show it.

Q22. Who is the bulb manufacturer?
A: China factory and quality is guaranteed.

Q23. What is the wavelength of the radiation?
A: the wavelength of bulb is 253.7nm.

Q24. Is it capable to sterilize other products which are not metal?
A: it can sterilize these products, such as towel, clothes, glasses, jewelry, baby’s bottle, underwear, toys, etc.

Q25. Are the racks removable?
A: Yes, the racks are removable.

Q26. Do the machine needs sterilization pouches for it to work properly?
A: No, it dosen’t need.

Q27. Is it FDA approved?
A: No,this beauty tool steriliser is not FDA approved.

Q28. Are there any items that shouldn’t be put inside?
A: Please don’t put corrosive liquid, cigaret lighter,etc.

Q29. Can the heat and sterilization function be turned on separately
A: it only has sterilization function.

Q30. Can items with batteries be put in UV sterilizer salon use?
A: Yes, for example toy with battery.

Q31. Are there any logos on the unit, or on the unit box?
A: There is no logo. If you want to add your logo on it, it’s ok.

Q32. Can this UV sterilization cabinet sterilize face masks?

A: Yes. This steriliser machine can disinfect face masks with UV & ozone sterilization functions. So you can reuse your disposable masks, N95 masks, KN95 masks,etc.

Q32. Is this UV Sterilizer Cabinet Safe?

A: Sure. Firstly, if you open the cabinet door, the sterilizer will stop working immediately. Secondly, the door is made of radiation proof glass. So it can protect you from the UV light. In the end, the ozone concentration made by the UVC lamp is not high. Only if wait a few minutes to take the objects after opening the door, the UV sterilizer salon use will absolutely safe for us.

Additional information

Weight 9.5 kg
Dimensions 35 × 43 × 30 cm

EU Plug, US Plug, UK Plug


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