Stainless Steel / Plastic Slat Table Top Conveyor


Table top chain conveyor is also namely tabletop conveyor. It mainly includes two types, that is to say, stainless steel table top conveyor and plastic tabletop chain conveyor. It uses the modular ss steel slat or POM plastic chain plates as the conveyor belt. What is a table top chain? The tabletop chain is a new chain with continuous flat top surface. As a table top chain conveyor manufacturer, we can design and customize many kinds of modular table top conveyor systems. It can transport all kinds of glass bottles, PET bottles, cans, etc. Slat top chain conveyor has wide application in beer, beverage, food, cosmetics,etc. In addition, it usually acts as bottle filling conveyor.

Introduction and working principle  of tabletop conveyor

The table top conveyor has a very flexible conveying form. Firstly, the slat chain conveyor system adopts the standard top plate chain as the bearing and conveying surface. It usually uses a worm gear motor as power. In addition, the table top chain is supported in a special guide rail. The slat chain can be both stainless steel but also thermoplastic chain plate. Additionally, table top conveyor can be not only straight, but also curve and incline conveyor.

table top chain conveyor structure working principle

How does table top chain conveyor work? Firstly, the tabletop chains are connected by pins to form a conveyor belt. Secondly, install the table top conveyor belt on the guide rail. Then, engage the sprocket with the slat top chains. Finally, the motor drives the sprocket. And the sprocket drives the slat belt to run.

Technical Specification of Top Chain Conveyor

1. Machine name: tabletop slat conveyor system;
2. Conveyor shape: straight, curved, S-shape, inclined, circular, etc;
3. Width: usually 63mm to 2000mm (custom);
3. Length: min 0.5m (usually max 40m for single motor);
4. Table top conveyor belt material: SS304 / SS201 / SS403 stainless steel or plastic slat chain;
5. Conveyor frame: SS304 stainless steel, aluminum profile, painted carbon steel;
6. Load-bearing capacity: 5KG-3000KG/meter (custom);
7. Speed adjustment and range: fixed speed, frequency conversion speed control, electronic speed control. Speed: 0~20 meters per minute.

8. Table top chain specifications:
The width of the straight tabletop chain: 63.5, 82.5, 101.6, 114.3, 152.4, 190.5, 254, 304.8mm;
The width of the curved slat top chain: 82.5, 114.3, 152.4, 190.5, 304.8mm.

In addition, there are a wide variety of chain plate specifications. It can select the slat chain according to the conveying material and process requirements.

9. Table top conveyor design & types:

We can design and customize many types of table top chain conveyor according to different layout requirements. It can be single-row tabletop conveyor, multi-row top chain conveyor, turning slat chain conveyor, etc. And the transport line can be parallel transfer, belt drift and inline transfer. Among them, multi-row conveyors are used for multi-row differential flat-top chains to converge and transport products. Converge and deliver to the same outlet.

table top chain conveyor types design

10. Control system: it can control the start and stop of the slat chain conveyor. As well as control the diversion and merging, direction, speed, identification and detection system of product conveying.


Features of Table Top Chain Conveyor

Compared with other conveyor machines, tabletop conveyor has the characteristics of precise structure, stable operation, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. Therefore, top chain conveyor is an indispensable equipment in many industries. Specifically, table top conveyor has the following advantages:

1. Firstly, the conveying surface is relatively flat. Thus the materials will not slip or fall easily when placed on it. So slat top conveyor is especially suitable for conveying bottles, cans, box, jars, etc.

2. Secondly, it is easy to disassemble whether it needs maintenance. So it can reduce the cost to a certain extent. In addition, the tabletop conveyor turns and runs smoothly. When conveying situation is more complicated, you can use the conveyors in combination. Therefore, it is very flexible to use.

3. Thirdly, table top chain conveyors can generally be washed directly with water. Or soak it directly in water. Therefore, the equipment is easy to clean. Therefore, it can meet the hygienic requirements of the food and beverage industries.

4. Fourth, it can make the head and end of the two top chain conveyors into overlap mixed conveyors. Make the bottles (cans) in a dynamic transition state. In this way, bottles are not retained on the conveyor line. Therefore, it can meet both pressure and pressureless delivery of empty and solid bottles.

5. In addition, the conveying capacity is large. It can bear large loads. Moreover, the equipment layout is flexible. It can complete horizontal, inclined and turning conveying on a single table top chain conveyor line at the same time.


Daily maintenance of Table Top Conveyor

1. Regularly check the tightness of the connection of each table top chain plate. If there is any looseness, tighten it in time;

2. Regularly check the connection between the inner and outer top chains and the sprocket. If there is abrasion or position change, deal it with in time;

3. Pay attention to the lubrication of the speed reducer of the table top chain conveyor. Lubricating oil should meet the requirements of the oil scale;

4. After operating tabletop conveyor is working, it needs to inspect the equipment. And clean and wipe it thoroughly.


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