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Skate wheel conveyor is also called  wheel conveyor or flexible skate conveyor. There are two kinds of skate wheel materials. One is plastic skate wheel roller. And another is steel skate wheel. Compared with ordinary conveyors, expandable flex conveyors have added telescopic plates. It uses the skate wheel for conveying goods. Different from flexible roller conveyor, it usually act as unpowered conveyor. Skate conveyor is simple in structure, and flexible and light. So it can be suitable for many industries. Generally wheel conveyor only conveys items with a flat bottom. If not, you need to put the items in the tray. It is also applicable in the curved part of the conveying system or the diverging and merging part.

In addition, flexible skate conveyor has wide application in truck loading / unloading. Because skate roller conveyor is height-adjustable, you can adjust it to a suitable slope. Therefore, the object uses its own gravity to slide down along the flex skate wheel conveyor. Additionally, it is also widely used in the field of goods in and out of warehouses and automated conveying systems. In short, expandable conveyor has wide use in occasions that need to move goods frequently. Moreover, these occasions require that the conveyor is portable and movable. Of course, the flex wheel conveyor is not suitable for heavy duty gravity occasions. It load-bearing capacity is usually 80KG/meter.

Technical Parameters of Flexible Wheel Conveyor

1. Product name: expandable flex wheel conveyor;
2. The H frame is an alloy tube with a diameter of 38MM. In addition, the thickness is 2.0T.
3. Telescopic plate: 2.5mm thickness punching cold plate. Moreover, galvanized surface treatment (silver-white color), or electrophoretic treatment (black color).
4. Skate wheel: 48mm diameter, ABS engineering plastic. Or aluminum alloy material. In addition, shaft diameter is 8mm.
5. The number of skate wheels per unit: If 600mm width, there are 80 wheels.
5. Skate wheel conveyor width: 500mm, 600mm, 800mm, etc.;

6. Casters: Heavy-duty universal casters with brakes. In addition, specifications are 2.5 inches, 3 inches and 4 inches.
7. Stretching ratio: 1:3. For example, the expanded length is 9 meters, and the shortened length is 3 meters.
8. Bearing capacity: 50KG per meter. The shorter the expandable length, the greater the load-bearing capacity.
9. Height: Due to the inner and outer tube design, the height is adjustable. It can adjust the wheel conveyor height by adjusting the nut. Height adjustment range: 450~1500mm.

Structure & Features of Expandable Skate Wheel conveyor

skate wheel conveyor drawing


(1. Support leg, 2. Telescopic sleeve, 3. Universal brake caster, 4. Reinforced rod, 5. Connecting pole, 6. Expansion plate, 7. Bearing, 8. skate wheel, 9. Tie rod, 10. Height adjustment part, 11. Support seat.)

The working principle of flex wheel conveyor

When using the skate conveyor, firstly rotate the adjusting part 10 is first rotated. So it can adjust the height of the support leg. Then move the universal brake caster 3. In this way, adjust the curvature of the expansion plate 6. Thereby,  it can adjust the conveying direction of the skate wheel 8. Then put the goods on the wheel 8. During conveying process, the polyurethane material of the skate wheel 8 can play an anti-slip effect. This prevents the goods from deviating direction when sliding. Thus, it can reduce cargo damage loss. At the same time, it simplifies the overall structure of the skate roller conveyor. So it saves production costs. In addition, you can expand or compress the expansion plates according to needs. So as to facilitate storage.

And its rotating structure can be adjusted according to the requirements of the direction of cargo transportation. It is more convenient to use. This is the whole working process of flexible skate conveyor.

Features of Flexible Skate Roller Conveyor

1. Portable telescopic structure. It is not only convenient to move, but also can be expandable and folded. It can easily solve the unloading problem of carton packaging. Long service life and high cost performance.

2. The support legs are made of galvanized pipes. Not only the structure is firm, but also not easily damaged. At the same time, use screws to fix and connect. Therefore, it is convenient for quick disassembly and assembly.

3. About the expansion plates, use galvanizing or electrophoresis treatment. It is not easy to be deformed, corrode and break. The layout is flexible and easy to use the expandable skate wheel conveyor.

4. The material of supporting shafts is 45# steel. Besides, it uses galvanizing surface treatment. High strength and good compressive performance. So the skate roller conveyor has a long service life.

5. There are bolts on support legs. So you can adjust the conveyor height freely. After the height adjustment, it can be locked and fixed by bolts.

6. The handle is convenient to drag the skate wheel conveyor. At the same time, it can ensure that the goods will not fall after the end of the conveying.

7. Not only improves the delivery efficiency, but also reduces the cost. 

With the rapid development of the logistics industry, it is generally necessary to unload quickly. The traditional unloading process uses manual unloading. As labor costs continue to rise, unloading costs continue to rise and efficiency is slow. Thus, it seriously affect the company’s delivery speed and efficiency. On the contrary, the expandable skate wheel conveyor has high unloading efficiency. It not only saves a lot of manpower and material resources, but also ensures the delivery efficiency of the enterprise.


How to customize the skate conveyor

During the process of daily sorting and loading and unloading of goods, we usually need to convey the objects with a smaller bottom area. At the same time, we often encounter scenes that are used in large arcs. At this time, the traditional conveyor cannot meet the demand. However, we can use the portable flex conveyor. It’s the best choice. As well known, there are two kinds of expandable conveyors. One is flexible roller conveyor. And another is skate wheel conveyor. Skate wheel vs roller conveyor: 

The loading-bearing capacity of the former is higher than that of the latter. In addition, skate conveyor is usually unpowered. However, the expandable roller conveyor can be both unpowered and powered. Besides, it can add sensors on the powered flex roller conveyor. So it can flexibly control the movement and stop of the conveyor.

In addition, the loading-bearing capacity of steel skate wheel conveyor is higher than plastic skate wheel conveyor.

1.Firstly, it needs to know the application. That is to say, what goods to transport;
2.Secondly, it needs to know the weight and size of the goods. Or tell us the conveyor width.
3.Then please advise what’s the “expandable length” you need? (the price depends on the “expandable length”)
4. Finally, if you need the side guards, just tell us.


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