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As professional UV air sterilizer supplier, our air sterilization machine is safe. This type of UV air sanitizer adopts indoor circulating air method for air disinfection. Firstly with several physical filtering methods, this UV air sterilizer can filter out the dust particles in the indoor air. And then with several high-intensity C-band ultraviolet lights, it can directly kill bacteria, germs and virus. So this air disinfection equipment can cut off the spread of disease in the air, and reduces indoor air pollution.

Is this UV air steriliser safe? 

Tranditional ozone sterilizer and UV germicidal light have one disadvantage. That is  that people can’t stay in the room during sterilization. Otherwise, the ozone and ultraviolet irradiation will harm our health. Due to the frequent movement of hospital staff or other places, it is necessary to achieve effective disinfection in the presence of staff. So a dynamic air disinfection machine was produced—UV air sanitizer. In short, it can sanitize the indoor air in the presence of people. Why? That’s because ultraviolet lights are installed inside the machine. There is no ultraviolet irradiation leakage. So it is safe.

This UV disinfection machine can be used for many places, such as hospital, blood station, banks, shopping malls, hotel, office, waiting rooms, cafe, schools, home, movie theaters, laboratories, production workshops, etc.


How does UV air sterilizer work?

1. Firstly, the fan draws dirty air from the enclosed room into the machine.
2. Then the pre-filter and middle filter remove dust particles. They ensure the cleanliness of the UV lamp.
2. Activated carbon filter to remove odor and effectively decompose VOC.
3. The photocatalyst filter (TiO2) is anti-virus.
4. Sectional electrostatic adsorption dust removal.
5. High-intensity UVC ultraviolet lights: the disinfection effect is 5 times that of ordinary ultraviolet lamps.
6. High concentration negative ion generator cleans air and improves air quality.

UV air sanitizer working principle-1

UV air sanitizer working principle-2


The Technical Data of UV Air Sanitizer:

Appearance Mobile Type
Applicable Volume 60m3 80m3 100m3
Power 150w 180w 220w
Working Voltage 220V±22V,50Hz±1Hz
Noise ≤55dB
UV Irradiation 5*1800um/cm2
Circulating Air Volume ≥480m3/h ≥640m3/h ≥800m3/h
The Outside Leakage of UV Light 0um/cm2
Sterilization Rate of Pathogenic Bacteria ≥99.9%
PM2.5 Purification Rate ≥98%
Dimension 530*420*850mm
Control Type Remote control, program control, manual operation

The Features of Our Disinfection Machine:

1.High-volume circulating air disinfection. And ultraviolet disinfection can quickly and completely kill pathogenic bacteria.
2. Three control methods: remote control, program control and manual operation.
3. With power failure protection device, safe and convenient.
4. Digital display of disinfection time, arbitrary setting of time. After the program control is set, the sterilizer has the functions of scheduled startup and shutdown.
5. Treat air with various methods such as filtration, high-voltage electrostatic adsorption dust removal, ultraviolet rays, and odor removal. At the same time, the high-concentration negative ion generator can clean and improve the air.
6. No leakage of ultraviolet irradiation. So the UV air sanitizer is safe for people to stay in the room.

detail of uv air sterilizer


How to use the UV air sterilizer rightly?

1. The choice of circulating air ultraviolet sterilizer model should match the the room size. The circulating air volume of the sterilization machine should be more than 8 times the volume of the room.

2. Use the UV air sanitizer according to the use manual. When you order it, we will send the use manual together. After each disinfection, it needs to record the “disinfection time” and “cumulative hours of use”.

3. This ultraviolet air sterilizer is suitable for indoor air sterilization in the presence of people. It should close the doors and windows before use. Moreover, the air inlet and air outlet should not be covered or blocked by objects. When the room needs to open a window for ventilation, it should turn off the sterilizer firstly. And the room should be kept clean and dry.

4. Keep the surface of the UV air sterilizer clean and dust-free. According to the frequency of use and environmental cleanliness, the filter and air outlet should be cleaned regularly. Usually clean the filter once a quarter and wipe the UV lamp once a month. When cleaning, it should shut off the sterilization machine firstly.

5. Under normal circumstances, the service life of the ultraviolet lamp is 5000 ~ 8000 hours (see the instruction manual for details). If the air monitoring is unqualified, replace the UV lamp immediately.



Q1: Why Choose Us?
A:We have many years experience in design & production of sterilizer machines. Good service, quick delivery, price advantaged, quality guaranteed.

Q2: I don’t know what model of the machine I need?
A: Air volume of the sterilization machine should be more than 8 times the volume of the room. And you can also tell us the application and room area, we can recommend for you.

Q3: How long is the warranty time?
A:The warranty time is one year.During warranty time,the repair and parts replacement are free.After warranty time, it only charge the parts replacement when reparing.

Q4: What should I do if there is a power outage?
A:Our sterilization machine has a programmable power failure protection device that automatically resets when power is on.

Q5: I don’t know how to use it, what should I do?
A:We have detailed user manual and video. When shipping,the user manual is included.And we can also send you the video.

Q6: When operation,it needs me always on the spot?
A:The disinfection machine is controlled by the microcomputer. You can set it up and it will run automatically, so it dosen’t needs you on the spot all the time.

Q7: What about the delivery time?
A:We have three production lines and stable skilled workers. So it ensure the quick delivery.

Q8: What certificates do you have?
A:For this UV air sanitizer, we have approved CE,ISO9001-2008, RoHS, etc.

Q9: The customization is available?
A:OEM is warmly welcomed, we can arrange your own color or label,print your OEM package, and make your own shape according to your drawing.

Q10: Can I buy more UV lamp for spare use?
A: Sure. If you need more lamp for UV air sterilizer, please contact us.

Additional information

Weight 59 kg
Dimensions 60 × 51 × 95 cm
Room Size

60m³, 80m³, 100m³


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