Portable Foldable Loading Unloading Belt Conveyor Height Adjustable


This loading conveyor belt is foldable and movable. The loading unloading conveyor applies not only to bulk material, but also to bulky items. The bulk materials include grain, gravel, fertilizer, feed, etc. On the other hand, the bulky items include bag, carton, box, cement, boat, etc. It can act as truck loading belt conveyor. Moreover, because it’s portable, you can also put it in the brick and take it with you wherever you go. In addtion, loading belt conveyor is also suitable for silo, warehouse, vessel, railcar, train, vehicle, wagon and container loading / unloading. Besides, it can customize the length and width of this portable truck loading conveyor.

This conveyor loading system is a friction-driven machine that transports materials in a continuous manner. It mainly composes of the below parts, such as frame, conveyor belt, roller, tensioning device, motor, etc. It can form a material conveying process from the feeding point to the final unloading point.


Structure & Specification of Loading Unloading Conveyor

(Reference signs: 1-fixed frame; 2-conveyor belt; 3-support leg; 4-baffle plate; 11-rotation shaft; 12-sleeve; 13-pin; 14-upper bar; 15-lower bar; 16-roller; 17-power shaft; 18-upper support block; 19-lower support block; 21-V groove; 22-raised strip; 31-reinforcement strip; 32-slide bar; 33-handle; 34-large Pulley; 35-locking knob; 41-metal frame; 42-fixed baffle; 43-rubber baffle; 181-small pulley.)

Kind note: Below is the basic specification of loading belt conveyor for reference. It can customize the height, width and load-bearing as requirements.

Item / Size 3 meters 4 meters 5 meters 6 meters 7 meters
Belt Width Custom( 500,600, 800mm, etc) Custom( 500,600, 800mm, etc) Customization ( 500, 600, 800mm, etc) Custom( 500,600, 800mm, etc) Custom( 500,600, 800mm, etc)
Height Range 1~1.5 meters 1.5~2.5 meters 1.7~2.7 meters 2.5~3meters 2.5~3.5 meters
Conveyor Speed 1.5m/s
Conveyor Weight 115KG 130KG 160KG 190KG 210KG
Application Industry unloading / loading for grain, feed, fertilizer, cement and other goods

1. Firstly, the conveyor frame adopts full galvanized square tube. Of course, it needs other materials, just tell us.
2. Secondly, standard belt uses the 5mm thickness V-shaped rubber belt. Further, the loading conveyor belt width can be customized.
3. The motor uses 1.5~2.2KW gear motor. The conveyor speed defaults to the range of 1~15 m/min.
4. Lifting. There are three commonly used lifting methods, such as manual, electric and hydraulic lifting.
5. The load-bearing of the truck loading belt conveyor: 500~800KG. In addition, it can be customized according to your requirements.
6. Finally, the warranty time of this truck unloader conveyor is one year warranty.


The Features of This Belt Conveyor for Loading and Unloading

features of loading belt conveyor

foldable loading unloading conveyor


1. Firstly, this portable belt conveyor is a continuous conveying, loading and unloading equipment. Besides, it is convenient to use, high in work efficiency, and good in maneuverability;

2. Secondly, it has diversified functions. It can transport not only bulk materials but also cartons or finished goods. In addition, you can use the loading unloading conveyor indoors and outdoors.

3. Thirdly, the traditional conveyor is relatively large. Moreover, it is not convenient to transport and carry. However, the overall weight of this conveyor loading system is light. More importantly, it’s foldable. So this makes it easy to store and carry.

4. It can add a hopper at the bottom. This will make it easy to feed materials and improve conveying efficiency. At the same time, it effectively solves the problem of material decline caused by excessive material backlog on the conveyor belt.

5. The height of this loading belt conveyor is adjustable. So make it more flexible and convenient.

6. Besides it’s easy to operate. Because of the forward-reverse switch, it can operate loading and unloading with one button.

7. The conveyor frame adopts full galvanized square tube. Thus, it is not easy to corrode, abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance. And it has long service life.

8. The conveyor belt material is thick rubber. So it is strong and durable, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant. Moreover, the belt has a herringbone texture, so it is non-slip.

9. Our truck loading belt conveyor has strong load-bearing capacity. The frame is welded with thick galvanized square pipe, which can bear 500KG~800KG.

10. Swivel wheels with brakes. Good stability. Easy to move.


Conveyor operation and debugging

1. The installation method is as follows:

Firstly install the universal brake wheel. Immediately afterwards, install the lifting bracket. Then unfold the folded loading unloading conveyor belt. Then, fix the folding joint with screws. Before use, be sure to install the fixed rod. When installing the conveyor loading system,there should be two or three people.

2. Before operating the portable truck loading conveyor, the universal wheel should be braked. So as not to move around during working. When there are multiple conveyors operating in parallel, there should be a one-meter passage between the machine and the machine.

3. Before use, check whether the parts of the belt conveyor are normal. At the same time, it must adjust the tension of the conveyor belt to an appropriate level before starting.

4. The loading belt conveyor should be started without load. Feed in the materials after normal operation. It is forbidden to drive after feeding.

5. When there are several conveyors running in series, it should start from the discharge end and start sequentially. Only feeding after everything is running normally.

6. During operation, when the belt deviation occurs, stop the loading unloading conveyor for adjustment. Do not use it reluctantly, so as not to wear the edges and increase the load.

7. The working environment and the temperature of the delivered materials shall not be higher than 50°C and lower than -10°C. Do not transport materials with acid-base oils and organic solvents. In addtion, it can’t use this loading belt conveyor on the beach, because it will easily corrode the material of the conveyor.

8. Before stopping, you must stop feeding. You have to wait for the objects on the belt to be unloaded before stopping.

9. The conveyor motor must be well insulated. Do not pull and drag the cables of mobile loading conveyor. In addtion, the motor must be grounded reliably.

10. No person is allowed on the conveyor belt. In addition, it is strictly prohibited to pull the belt by hand when it is slipping to avoid accidents.


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