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What is bed unit sterilizer? The bed unit refers to all the things on the bed such as bed quilt, pillow core, mattress, clothes, etc. And it uses the ozone to disinfect them. The ozone bed sterilizer is a new kind disinfection equipment. The wide applications are in hospital, hotel, nursing home, beauty & spa salon, etc. Ozone has high-efficiency broad-spectrum sterilizing function. So mattress sterilizer can completely kill the deep-seated bacterial and virus in a short time.


Why we need hospital bed sterilizer?

Reducing the rate of cross-infection in hospital wards is an urgent task in hospital management. It is mainly due to incomplete disinfection to mattresses, bedding, and pillow cores. So we need find a effective method to disinfect bed unit thoroughly. The following is a comparison of several disinfection methods:

Disinfection Method Feature
UV light sterilization It can only disinfect the surface of objects. The penetration of sterilization is not good.
Sunshine exposure Long disinfection time. It often takes more than 6 hours. Moreover, it will be limited by venue and weather.
Ethylene oxide fumigation It can disinfect thoroughly. But Ethylene oxide is explosive and flammable and has certain risks.In addition,it requires independent rooms and turnover mattress. And economic investment is large.
Ozone bed sterilizer Complete and quick disinfection ability. Simple to operate. Absolute safe when use rightly. Not much investment.

Is the mattress sterilizer safe? It disinfect the bed unit in the bed cover. No residues of poisonous substances. So it is safe and reliable. In addition, only a very small amount of ozone leaks from the bottom of the semi-closed mattress (<0.02mg / m3). It ‘s far below the national standard (0.2 mg / m3).  Thus it has no effect on the human body. Importantly, O3 can be reduced back to O2 by nature.

mattress sterilizer


How does ozone bed sterilizer work?

We use the latest stainless steel tube ceramic surface discharge technology. Discharge high-concentration ozone into the special bed cover by means of pressure infiltration. Then sterilize the bedding, mattresses, pillows from shallow to deep.

There are four programs (vacuum, ozone, disinfection, analysis) in our bed sanitizer. Firstly, seal the bed unit by our special bed cover. Secondly, pump the air out by the air pump to form an approximate vacuum. So it can reach the full contact of the ozone with the bed unit. Then the stainless steel enamel ozone tube generates ozone. And the ozone is charged into the bed cover for disinfection. In the end,the remaining ozone is extracted by an air pump and reduced to oxygen by an ozone analyzer—this process is called “analysis”.

ozone bed sterilizer principle

The Technical Parameters of Sterilizer:

Model: A1(standard type) , A2 (enhanced type), A3 (luxury type);
Input power:≤240W;      Voltage:198~242V/50Hz or custom;
Ozone production:5g/h;       Noise:<55dB;        Net weight:26kg;
O3 output concentration: ≥800mg / m3;
Ozone leakage: ≤0.02mg / m3;
Ozone residual concentration: ≤0.02mg / m3;
Shell material:ABS;         Disinfection time:20~40min;
Size of disinfection cover:1800*2800mm;
Machine appearance size:420*480*1020mm;
Accessories: 1pc of permanet bed cover,20pcs of disposable bed covers,air hose.

Test results according to the laboratory specifications of the Ministry of Health:

Representative Bacterial Species Representative Type Killing Rate Killing Log Value
Bacillus Escherichia Coli 99.90% ≥3.0
Cocci Staphylococcus Aureus 99.90% ≥3.0
Fungus Candida Albicans 99.90% ≥3.0

The Features of Our Mattress Sterilizer:

1. Use the stainless steel ceramic tube ozone generator, so ozone production is stable;
2. Our ozone bed sterilizer has long shelf life;
3. You can adjust the ozone volume for disinfection of various bed units;
4. It can disinfect the two beds simultaneously by using the left and right hoses;
5. Microcomputer operation, low noise, no impact on the surrounding environment;
6. The disinfection time is displayed visually through the display. Moreover, you can select and set the time arbitrarily;
7. Built-in accessory box with anti-lost function.
8. Easy to move and easy to operate. During the disinfection, the rest of the patients in the same room will not be affected. After disinfection, it will automatically stop without operator waiting.

Sterilizer Model Display Type Control Type How O3 is reduced back to O2
A1 (standard type) Digital display Touch control Without “analysis” function. O3 is reduced to O2 by nature. After finish, you need wait about 30~45 minutes before opening the bed cover.
A2 (enhanced type) Digital display Touch control With “analysis” function. O3 is reduced to O2 automatically. After finish, you can open the bed cover directly.
A3 (luxury type) LCD Touch control and remote control With “analysis” function. O3 is reduced to O2 automatically. After finish, you can open the bed cover directly.

feature hospital bed sterilizer


Troubleshooting of Hospital Ozone Bed Sterilization Machine:

Problems Solutions
Cannot run 1. Is the power cord plug out of power outlet? —► Re-plug the power cord;
2.Is the front panel covered?—► Cover the front panel again;
3.Is the host tilted?—► To place flat.
Odor is difficult to eliminate Check filter screen for failure or release of odor due to adsorption of pollutants.                                                     Please replace with new filter.
The dirt in the air is difficult to remove, and the noise becomes larger during operation Check if the HEPA filter is failing?                                        Clean the HEPA high efficiency filter with a vacuum cleaner. If the situation has not improved, please replace with new HEPA efficient filter.
There is air pollution indoor, but the air purifier respond nothing. The placement of the machine may be unreasonable, resulting in the machine is not easy to absorb air pollutants. Change the placement of the machine, or select the manual operation mode and turn the wind speed to.
Power off when booting Check if the power supply is connected and the fuse is blown. If the fuse is blown, replace with the same type of fuse and then turn on the machine. lnform the manufacturers to repair if the fuse is blown again after the shutdown.
Boot (press on / off)                                                               The output gas is free of ozone Shut down after 1 minute and then boot. Please contact the manufacturer if the disinfection machine still can not work.
the panel is not normal alter the boot, and it cannot work properly after pressing the function key Shutdown fori minute and then boot. If the disinfection machine still can not work, please contact the manufacturer.
The room has a thick O3  smell in normal use after booting. Check disinfection bags, disinfection gas pipes,gas mouth, gas tip etc. If there is leakage, please replace the part.


Q1: Why Choose Us?
A:We have 20 years experience in design & production of sterilizer machines.
Good service, quick delivery, price advantaged, quality guaranteed.

Q2:Is there any leakage and residue of ozone?
A:It ensure that there is no ozone leakage. Because our hospital bed sterilizer has the ozone analysis function, there is also no residue.

Q3:How long is the warranty time?
A:The warranty time is one year. During warranty time,the repair and parts replacement are free. After warranty time,it only charge the parts replacement when reparing.

Q4:Is the bed cover disposable or permanent?
A:The ozone bed sterilizer includes 20pcs disposable bed covers and 1pc permanent bed cover.

Q5:I don’t know how to use it, what should I do?
A:We have detailed user manual and video. When shipping,the user manual is included. And we can also send you the video.

Q6:When operation,it needs me always on the spot?
A:The mattress sterilizer is controlled by the microcomputer. You can set it up and it will run automatically, so it dosen’t needs you on the spot all the time.

Q7:What about the delivery time?
A:We have three production lines and stable skilled workers. So it ensure the quick delivery.

Q8:What certificates do you have?
A:We are Alibaba Assessed Supplier,and our company has approved CE, ISO9001-2008, RoHS, etc.

Q9:The customization is available?
A:OEM is warmly welcomed. And we can put your logo on the ozone bed sterilizer.

Additional information

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Model Type

A1, A2, A4


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