Portable Ozone Generator Kills Virus and Removes Odor

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Ozone is a world recognized broad-spectrum high-efficiency sterilization and disinfection gas. This portable ozone generator can be used for home, hotel, hospital, beauty salon, spa, school, office, toilet, car, etc. If you need buy ozone generator, please check the technical instruction below. This home ozone generator machine uses air as a raw material to produce high-concentration ozone by electronic high-frequency high-pressure discharge. Because O3 is a strong oxidant, it can kill bacteria, virus, COVID-19, mold, mites, bed bugs, and remove smoke, formaldehyde, TVOC, car smell, house odor, pet odor,etc.  The O3 ozone sterilization machine is multifunctional and it has four main functions: oxidation, sterilization, decolorization and deodorization. We are special sterilizer manufacturer and factory in China, and our price is good.

function of portable ozone generator


How does a portable ozone generator work?

The ozone destroys the structure of the microbial membrane by oxidation to achieve sterilization. Firstly, ozone acts on cell membranes, which damages membrane constituents and leads to metabolic disorders. Then, O3 continues to penetrate the membrane to destroy the lipoproteins and lipopolysaccharides in the membrane. It changes the permeability of the cells, and causes the cells to lyse and die. It mainly directly destroys the RNA or DNA of bacteria and virus.

The characteristics of ozone sterilization: it can disinfect the room and house completely and thoroughly. O3 has the advantages of more complete anti-virus, broad-spectrum sterilization, strong sterilization, thorough disinfection.

Is a home ozone generator safe?

Ozone has a strong smell and people & animal must leave the room during disinfection. When the ozone concentration is low, it will irritate the eyes, nose, and throat;  when the concentration reaches 1-15PPm, symptoms such as headache and local paralysis of respiratory organs will appear. The harm of ozone is also related to the exposure time. Generally, the O3 concentration below 20PPm is not more than 2 hours, and there is no permanent damage to the human body. If you feel uncomfortable, you can go out to breathe some fresh air.

So when using our home ozone generator, there must be no people and animal in the room. After sterilization finish, ventilate for more than 30 minutes without any obvious ozone smell, and then enter the room. Because O3 will usually be automatically reduced to O2 after 30 ~ 40 minutes, so it is safe under right use.


The Specification of Ozone Sterilization Machine:


Product Name:

Ozone Air Sterilizer
Material: 304 stainless steel
Gas Source: Air source
Disinfection Time: 1~120 minutes
Cooling Method: Air cooled
Voltage Frequency: 50HZ
Power: 65W
Ozone Production: 3G/H
Ozone Concentration: 15~20 (MG/L)
Machine Size: 350*168*200mm
Application Room Volume: 60~120m³
Warranty: one year
Application: kill bacteria, virus, and remove odor

The Feature of Home Portable Ozone Generator:

1. Disinfection Time: you can choose the time freely from 10~120 minutes according to the room space and environment.
2. Heat Dissipation Vents: honeycomb cooling holes and built-in cooling turbine fans ensure fast heat dissipation and long service life.
3. Ozone Outlet: the porous output structure ensures rapid ozone output.It speeds up ozone sterilization time.
4. Machine Casing: it uses the 304 stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant and durable.
5. Generator Spare Part: it uses the 3mm alloy sheet and ceramic combination material.The ozone concentration can reach 12 ~ 20m³ / L. And it can increase the lifetime to 5~8 years.

feature home portable ozone generator


How to Use the O3 Generator in Home?

1. According to the requirements of sterilization, set the time of ozone sterilization machine. The disinfection time range is within 10 minutes and 120 minutes.(The distribution density of ozone in the air are directly proportional to the efficiency of ozone sterilization).

2. When starting to use ozone disinfection, it should keep the room cloesed to prevent ozone leakage. It can ensure the uniform distribution of ozone in the space and the efficiency of action.

3. In the disinfection space, connect the power of the ozone machine. After pressing the switch button, press the “Auto” button to start work.

4. Press the timer button, you can make an appointment to turn on after 1~24 hours.
5. Press “-” “+” key to set the disinfection time from 5 minutes to 120 minutes. Then press the “timing” button to start the home ozone generator.
6. When the machine works to the preset time (sterilization ends), it will automatically stop after 3 minutes of delayed operation (heat dissipation).
7. When the ozone sterilizer machine is working normally, if you need to temporarily stop, press the switch button.
8. Long-term shutdown needs to cut off the power supply.

Kind Reminder:

1.After disinfection ends, ventilate for at least 30 minutes without any obvious ozone smell, and then enter the room;
2. Regularly check whether the electrical parts are damp and the insulation is good;
3. After using for a period of time, carefully remove the dust (operate when power off, don’t wash it with water);
4. Continuous working time should not exceed 2 hours;
5. When use the home ozone generator, please handle it lightly.


FAQ When Buy Ozone Generator

  1. Q1. Where can I use this ozone cleaner machine?
  2. A1: You can use the O3 generator at home, hotel, office, car, beauty salon, spa, hospital, school, toilet, etc.

Q2. Is the portable ozone generator harmful?
A2: If use rightly, ozone sterilizer is completely safe (please check the instruction above).

Q3. Can I customize ozonizer machine?
A3: Yes, we can customize it and add your logo on it.

Q4. Does an ozone generator really work?
A4: Sure. The sterilization of ozone is very strong. It can kill the virus, COVID-19, bacteria and remove odors.

Q5. Can I add the UV light on the ozone machine?
A5: Yes. We can add the UV lamp. Last year, we sold 250 sets of uv ozone sterilizer to an European customer.

Q6. What’s the warranty time of ozone portable sterilizer?
A6. The warranty is one year.

Q7. How long is the lifetime of O3 generator spare part?
A7. The alloy-ceramic generator spare part is the most important. Its lifetime is 5~8 years.

Welcome to buy the home portable ozone generator on UVCCARE.COM! If you also need the UV sterilizer cabinet,please check it.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 410 × 220 × 290 cm

EU Plug 220V, US Plug 110V


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