USB Charging Multi-functional UV Phone Sterilizer

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Cell phone sanitizer and charger;
Also aroma diffuser and phone holder;
6 minutes thorough disinfection;
Can be used at home or on travel;
Disinfect not only smartphone but also other items;
The UV light dose not hurt your mobile phone;
Protect the health of family, especially babies

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What is a phone sanitizer? Phone sterilizer is a disinfector that quickly kills the pathogen on the phone. UV phone sanitizer can kill germs & bacteria in only 6 minutes. So it protects safe use and people’s health. When you don’t use it, you can stop working directly. Therefore, it will not harmful to the human body. Moreover, this kind of UV phone cleaner dosen’t generate ozone. So it will not damage the phone. It is can also used as face mask sterilizer. This steriliser box can disinfect the disposable masks, N95 masks, KN95 masks,etc. So you can reuse the mask.

Do UV phone sanitizers really work?


This phone sanitizer case uses built-in double UV bulbs for disinfection. We know that ultraviolet light technology is often used in hospital sterilization. It destroys the DNA structure of microorganisms by ultraviolet radiation. It let the bacteria die immediately, thus achieving the purpose of sterilization. Medical research has found that the UV germicidal effect is still very good so far. The bacteria that it can kill mainly include Escherichia coli, influenza virus, botulinum, streptococcus, H1N1 virus, etc.


The Specification of UV Phone Cleaner Case:

Product Name: uv cleaner for phone
Sanitizer Color: white,pink,blue
Ultraviolet Wavelength: 253.7nm
Power Supply Type: USB
Rated Power: DC5V
Input Current: 1~2A
Sterilization Power: 2W
Aromatherapy Power: 1W
Total Power: 9W
Sanitizer Size: 209*115*44mm
Case Space Capacity: ≤ 6 inches phone
Disinfection Time 6 minutes


Mobile phone charging cable (Android and Apple) +
cleaning cloth + USB power cable


When using, firstly open the case cover. Secondly, put the disinfected mobile phone on the black base. Close the cover, press the sterilization button and then it starts to work.


Features of Our UV Phone Sterilizer Case:

  1. 1. Multifunction: it is cell phone sanitizer and charger. This phone disinfector can charge iphone or all other smartphones. Moreover, it is also a aroma diffuser. You can drop the aroma into the sponge tank of the case. Further, you can use it as phone holder. In addition, you can also disinfect the many other items, such as toothbrushes, masks, ladies/baby underwear, jewelry, makeup tools, watches, coins, etc. You can use this ultraviolet UV sterilization box to sterilize your masks.
  2. 2. Easy to apply: One-button disinfection & One button aromatherapy. It only needs 6 minutes to finish sanitizing phone. And it only takes 8 minutes to finish aromatherapy. When it is done, cell phone uv sanitizer automatically closes.
  3. 3. Light-weight: this cell phone sanitizer is portable. So you can take it with you on business or travel.
  4. 4. Safe to use: it sanitize phone in the sealed box. So it can avoid ultraviolet light radiation. If open the case, it will shut down automatically.
  5. 5. Long lifetime: the service life of uv lights is more than 20000 hours.
  6. 6. High disinfection rate: this mobile phone disinfector can kill bacteria & germs on phone screen thoroughly. The disinfection rate can reach 99.9%.



The FAQ of UV Light Phone Sterilizer:

Q1. Do i need a phone sanitizer? or is a phone sanitizer worth it?

A: Mobile phone sterilizer is very useful, because there are thousands of bacteria on the phone. And we can’t see them. Bacteria can cause harm to our skin, especially the face, due to frequent contact with the phone. Moreover, they will cause greater harm to babies. It is well known that babies like to put a lot of things in their mouths, especially cell phones. Therefore, for our health, sanitizing smartphone is necessary.

Q2. Are UV phone sanitizers safe?

A: This phone UV light cleaner will not generate ozone. And during working, the sanitizer box is closed. So the ultraviolet radiation will not affect us. In addition, when open the case cover, the UV light will shut down. Thus, it is safe.

Q3. Can the disinfection function and the aroma function be performed simultaneously?

A: Yes. You can perform the two functions at the same time.

Q4. Will UV light hurt my phone? or are UV waves harmful for my phone’s screen?

A: No.  Because this phone disinfector will not generate ozone and not use other chemicals, it will not cause harm to phone.

Q5. How often should I sanitize my phone?

A: It is ok to disinfect phone once a week. If have babies, more times one week will be better.

Q6. Will the phone become clean after disinfection?

A: No. The sanitizer is only for disinfection not cleaning. So the original stains and dust on the phone still exist. It needs you to clean phone firstly and then sanitize it.

Q7. How big a mobile phone can it hold?

A: The max space capacity is 6 inches smartphone.

Q8. Can I add my logo on it? And if bulk order, is there any discount?

A: Yes. We can customize the phone sterilizer. And if bulk order, please contact us directly for discount.

Q9. Can this UV ultraviolet steriliser box sterilize the face masks?

A: Yes. This sterilization box can sterilize the face masks, disposable masks, N95 masks, KN95 masks,etc. So you can reuse the mask.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 21 × 12 × 5 cm
Sanitizer Color

White, Pink, Blue


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