What is a uv cabinet?
The uv sterilizer cabinet and uv sanitizer box are the disinfection container by means of ultraviolet rays. UVC light rays can destroy the DNA or RNA molecular structure of microbial cells. It will cause the death of growth cells, thereby achieving the effect of sterilization. Kill rate is generally up to 99%. The shape is generally a cabinet or box and table top type.The material of uv sterilizer disinfection cabinet is ABS plastic and it can prolong service life. In addition to the disinfection function, we can add the drying and warmer functions. UVC light sterilization does not require any chemical additives and does not cause secondary pollution.
What is a uv cabinet used for?
UV steriliser cabinet and uv light sterilizer box are widely for beauty, salon, spa, hairdressing ,tattoo and dental applications. For example,ultraviolet sterilization cabinet and uv disinfection box can disinfect towel, nail tools, manicure tools, pedicure tool, salon tools, dental instruments, clothes, underwear,  tableware, toys, mobile phone, etc.
How to use uv sanitizer cabinet?
Firstly put the tools into the sterilizer and close the glass door.Then turn on the power and select the timing. When the lamp is on, the disinfection cabinet starts to work. When the lamp is on, the disinfection cabinet starts to work. After disinfection is complete, turn off the power. Then open the sterilizer glass door and get out of the tools.

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